Thursday, February 19, 2015

La Boême = des crêpes extraordinaires

Now this was a lesson! 

Our languages classes were fortunate to have had the opportunity today to host "La Boême" - a French Vancouver based crêpes food truck run by Bruno and Paola!  A Classically trained French chef from France, Bruno has now opened his own food truck and has a huge following in the city of Vancouver, BC.  It is a bit of a drive out to our school from downtown Vancouver (an hour) and so we were so excited to hear that they had offered to come and serve our students today.  Not only do these wonderful chefs both speak French (perfect for my classes!) but Paola also speaks Spanish.  This was ideal since we could have all of our second languages students order their crepes in either French or Spanish.  That is EXACTLY what they did.  I must say that I was so proud of them all! 

It was such a delight to see our students do authentic French speaking with Community members - even the youngest of our students came to order.  If you have the chance to do this at your school I would highly recommend it!  

Bon Appétit! :) Lorraine

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