Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Imagination plus!

I am always looking for ways to encourage my students to speak or write in the target language and in my classes it is of course - French. Sometimes the students are asked to write dialogues or to do "real" conversations with just "mini notes" on hand and other times they create questions about pictures, tell impromptu stories, do descriptive monologues, create "speech bubbles" about a picture, etc.  The ideas are only limited by your own imagination! 

Here are a couple of new pictures that I just had to share with you!  I hope you can find a use for them in your class.

 There are evenings when my time is overtaken with "pinning".  I just love to find amazing resources on line to help me with my lessons!

The East coast of Canada has been buried in snow recently!  I am so fortunate that I only need to be sure I always have an umbrella with me.  What is on the minds of these "bonhommes de neige" I wonder?



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