Saturday, May 3, 2014

Giving Directions!

One of the best things my high school teacher taught us was how to give directions to someone in French!  In our tourist destination city thousands of people would visit each year.  For whatever reason, I always seemed to meet someone who was French during the summer and each time, they needed directions to a local restaurant, tourist site, or shopping area.  Merci Mme!!  This past week I did this very same thing for my students. We don't live in as large a city nor are there as many tourists flocking to our city but I remember how good it felt to help someone out.  My students took on the roles of "tourist" and "local" while practising with a "Montreal city map" and of course a list of vocabulary to help them out.  They would switch back and forth in the roles while I gave them "beginning locations" and "destinations".  Map skills are not as prevalent these days with our fancy GPSs but when travelling someone will invariably give you a PAPER MAP!  Have fun with this!  One of my products at my store includes vocabulary for this activity!  Check it out! :)
Giving Directions! - vocabulary included

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