Saturday, November 2, 2013

I love my job!

It's days like the day I had on Halloween with my students that I just want to shout "I love my job"!!

How much better can a job be than to have a day like this one?  Yes, there are some days that are difficult and tiring but luckily more days are wonderful than difficult.  So, what was it that made it so wonderful?? Well, it was a day where hard work just seemed to pay off; where my students were engaged and having a great time while working on their French.  Students were extra happy and teachers relaxed and all dressed for Halloween.  (me included)

I must also thank TpT for a most amazing product by Arik Durfee called Frankenstein's Monster - a PowerPoint Review game. This product designed with the Frankenstein theme with background sounds and music has been designed in such a way that it can be used in many subject areas.  It was perfect for Halloween.  So, I decided to put together a review game for my French 10 students.  With 4 categories available in the design, we were able to review "passe compose", "imparfait", the pronom "en", and "la Belgique".  Students worked in teams at their tables, many dressed up for Halloween and collaborated on the answers to the multiple choice questions that I designed. 

In between the bonus rounds there were "special questions" where students could earn extra points or in my case "un bonbon" for a special question for the first student who was able to answer it.  Students turned lights on and off, sharpened pencils, stood up and down, clapped their hands, patted their heads and said "bonjour" to their neighbours.  - all for an extra treat. 

I will definitely tuck this gem away for another year!  I will create more versions of this game for my other grade levels and will stock up on bonbons.  "un gros merci" to Arik!  :)

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