Thursday, April 25, 2013

Moroccan Food Festival

'Best lunch ever!'  That's exactly what I heard from one of my students about our Moroccan food festival in class this week, and she wasn't even speaking to me!  My students are finishing up a unit on Morocco and I wanted to allow them to have a fun way to further experience what they have been learning about.  I carefully chose recipes that my students would be able to make (Some had parental help) that would be easy enough and not too expensive to make and also "youth friendly".  The "secret" to Moroccan cooking is in the spices but these are easily found at our local grocery stores. We ate "family style" in the classroom and sat around a large table made by pushing together many of our desks. Since utensils are not typically used in Morocco my students knew they would have to use their "bread" to help eat their food. We had such an amazing time! Try it out!  It was so much fun!

For the recipes used:  Recipes of Morocco 

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