Monday, April 15, 2013

Faisons des achats en France!

If you can't go shopping in Paris,  France the next best thing is to go on a "virtual shopping spree"!  On-line shopping is becoming an everyday occurence for many people and even my own son does this on a regular basis.  Although not from a Parisien store he certainly shops as diligently as anyone who would go into a store at the mall!  Galeries Lafayettes a very popular department store in France also has an on-line shopping site where my students did their own shopping today with "virtual euros".  :)  Although they certainly could not finish the activity that is found at my store within an hour, they certainly had a great time trying to do so.  "I still need shoes!" - "Are you comfortable spending almost $300 on boots?"  - These are only two of the comments that I heard my students making while I glanced and listened around the room.  The chatter was totally "on task" and they were having a great time at the same time.  "Would you really wear that camping?" and the comments continued.  "This is the kind of work I like to do.  It's not like work at all!"  What better way to have students talk about your lesson than like that?  :)  Give it a try!

Shopping in Paris, France - an internet activity

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