Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Learning through "creativity"

As a teacher we all know that just "listening" to the information given to us is not enough for most of us to "truly learn" something.  When I think back to some of the best memories in my past in terms of being the student I look fondly upon my first "sewing" project where I felt proud of my "creation".  That yellow blouse that I wore for months on end until it almost fell apart was a testament to what I had learned in my Sewing 9 class.  I'm sorry that I don't remember the teacher's name but I do know that she gave me a skill that has continued with me throughout my years.  Yes, I even made my own wedding dress; and it all began in Sewing 9.  So, how do we spark the desire to learn in our students?  How do we know when what we are doing in our classrooms has truly made a difference?  Is it when a former graduate comes back to visit?  Or is it when you see a newspaper article in the local paper about something wonderful that a former student of yours has done?  or is it a simple email sent from afar that helps you realize that "something" you did sparked an interest!  The creativity that we use in class does make a difference!  We don't see it on a daily basis necessarily but we do see it!  Create a project that forces the students to go beyond the books.  Whether it be to the internet to retrieve information, or to a community member in the town or even to a local shop to explore opportunities that exist for future occupations.  Create!  Create!  Create!  Our students love to make things.  They loved to make mud pies when children; they loved to make lego cars and trucks and planes.  We must not just turn the pages but instill in our students the desire to go beyond the "easy" and to "strive for that extra achievement".  Creating something is so personal and after all is done, we all love to see something that we have created ourselves.  Hmmmm,  what will I do next in my classroom?  What will you do?  :)

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