Thursday, September 13, 2012

2 things!

Why is it that no matter how long you have been studying French that the "numbers" seem to be the last thing to get "stuck" into the brain???   We all know that when we first start learning a second or third language that one of the first things for us to learn are the basic numbers.  So, my students came into class today at the end of the day and happened to find a "lotto" card left behind from a previous class of students.  Immediately, they recognized it and wanted to play.  It really wasn't anywhere on my lesson plan but "Why Not?".  We all made "lotto" cards and focussed on a range of higher numbers to put a bit of a better challenge to the game for the grade level.  The students were engaged and had fun at the same time.  Did it really take away from my lesson?  Not really.  It served as a reinforcement activity for the kids!  Having fun, promotes learning!  I have seen numerous "bingo" cards written in many ways.  Whether you choose to play "bingo", "loto", or "lotto", the results are the same.  Engaged students!  even the older students enjoy a game now and again.  :)

Secondly,  a proud teacher/parent moment!  My daughter has recently graduated from high school and is off to pursue her post secondary dreams!  Some of her fellow high school students have been posted on YouTube in a video presenting their artwork.  It is on display in an administrator's building downtown.  Check it out! and of course, enjoy!   Here's the link:

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