Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wow! A bonus "sale" day!

Hello everyone! 

I can hardly believe that we are past the middle of August already!  Many of you are getting ready again for the new school year and are busy preparing for your open weeks. Perhaps you are a new teacher who has just been hired or a teacher who has been recalled and now have a job to go to in a couple of weeks.  Whatever your circumstance is, enjoy your new school year!! 

I want to be sure that you know that Teachers pay Teachers has decided to add one more day of "sales".  It will be happening on August 22 which is right around the corner!  So please take some time to have a look through the many stores and to look at your wish list to see what you might like to add to your resources.  Here is the information for you!
Here are some other products at my store "mrslryan" that you might find useful for your new school year:

Don't forget to enjoy your last few weeks and the sunshine that we are fortunate to have at this time! 

Happy shopping everyone! And happy teaching!  Lorraine

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