Monday, December 15, 2014

Teaching about friendship with adjectives

One of the units I teach is based on friendship and the adjectives that each of the students looks to in order to describe their ideal friend or their favourite friend.  What makes an awesome friend?  It certainly is different for each of us.  Perhaps you need someone who is quiet and who gives you the space you need to think.  What you as an adult will look for in a friend is often very different from what our students look for and yet there may also be many similarities.  I just love this image to use when discussing qualities and in order to expand my students' vocabulary.  I also use the DVD of Ratatouille.  It provides different examples of "types of friendships" - a friendship between father and son or between two co-workers.   == two resources useful for working with adjectives in French.

Although not in French it is a great springboard to vocabulary building!

:) Lorraine


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