Thursday, September 25, 2014

Finally 'la rentrée' :)

While many educators have already been in class for 3-4 weeks, I am just finishing my first week!!  Yes, I teach in BC, Canada and we have been going through a difficult contract negotiation which has finally come to a close after many months. We are now back at school!  As is usually the case, back to school is exciting, stressful, and super busy!  This past week has been no different except that perhaps the work load has been a little more intense. 

All of that aside, I have met a good many of my classes now and can honestly say that it is going to be a very exciting school year.  Now for the "learning of names".  Most teachers have their own little tricks to learning their students names and I find myself fortunate that I can use the "French target language" to not only have my students speak but to also help me with my "name learning".  We do the basic "Bonjour, ça va? Comment t'appelles-tu? De quelle école viens-tu?" and while my students who are new to the school at the lower level work at answering these questions I am busy learning student names.  Once I think I have learned most of them (I try to manage as many as possible in one hour) I will leave the room for about 30 seconds.  Before I leave I tell my class to move around the room to see if I really have learned their names - or not -.  They think it is the most exciting game!  Upon re-entering their faces are quiet with expectation and wonder.  Can she really know our names after just one day?  Well, what do you think?  Yes, some, and on a really luck day, I am able to remember most of the class! It's fun and adds some variety to the hour.  How do you learn your students' names?  - name tag on desk?  - notes on your attendance sheet?  I'm sure the ways are numerous to say the least. 

I am so happy to be "teaching" again!

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