Friday, August 29, 2014

la rentrée

Butterflies in the stomach, dry mouth, nervousness, "what will I wear".  = These are all things that many of our students will be experiencing or saying over the next couple of days as many schools begin their school year after the September long weekend.  I too, feel this way each year even after 30 years of teaching. :)  I look forward to meeting my new classes and wonder who will be in them.  How many new "sibilings" will I meet and how much fun or tragedy has each child experienced over the summer vacation. Many of the boys in particular will have shot up a few inches and they are relieved that they can still wear shorts until Mom or Dad realizes that a new pair of pants is needed as their cuffs rise above the ankles. Most students are taller than me anyway even when they arrive in grade 8 to high school but it's always fun to see their changes over just a couple of months of being away.

I will be looking at my "start up" procedures as everyone else and trying to get to bed at a bit of an earlier time over the next few days in preparation for "la rentrée".  Over the summer I've thought of areas on which I would like to work during this next school year.  And yes, even after 30 years I always put together a mental "focus" for the school year.  My department and I will meet too to decide what we as a group would like to focus on this coming year whether it be oral speech work, technology learning (for us!), podcasts for the students, improved writing skills, cross grade cultural activities.....  Well as you can see the list goes on and on.... 

I am looking forward to the fresh new start, as always and wish you all a great teaching year!
:)  Thanks for dropping by. Lorraine

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