Monday, February 24, 2014

Oral presentation notes!

My students are always asking me how much they are allowed to have written down as "helpers" when they are doing an oral presentation.  I give a variety of answers depending upon what kind of presentation it is. Sometimes it's only 10 words, sometimes it's partial sentences, or beginning of sentences only and sometimes it's fill in the blank type of sentences on a cue card.  Whatever my answer is it is always with the intention on providing a little bit of help while still challenging my students to do authentic speaking on the topic chosen!!  I have asked permission to share these recent notes from one of my French students. We have talked about language development in children and how we learned to speak English as children.  This student totally understood what I was talking about!!  Enjoy! 
A picture says a thousand words!  :) 

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  1. Love this! I sometimes regret not being a little clearer about wha they are allowed to have prepared in front of them when presenting something (even when I've been very clear about the intention to speak to, and not read/restate from memory) so I think I'll be trying out your approach of explicitly stating what is & is not permitted as written support.


    Mme Aiello @ Teaching FSL