Monday, January 20, 2014

mini video clips!

Pixar mini video clips are a perfect way to have students do either a creative writing or an oral activity by having them retell the story.  The most recent one I have used is one with a snowman in a snowglobe.  The video clip has little or no dialogue in it but has some music to go along with the "story".  The mini clip with the snowman is perfect for this time of year even if you don't happen to have snow where you live.  It has a wintery feel to it mixed in with a beachside vacation and of course a "girl" in a swimsuit.   After watching the short 2-3 minute video I asked the students to "tell me what was going to happen next"!  Their imaginations are not always pushed at a high school level but it is certainly fun to hear about what will happen to the snowman next!  :) 

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