Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Inside/Outside Circle

Inside/outside circle is the perfect way to have all of your students speak to each other at the same time while practising their French!! Today, after teaching how to make inversion questions I had the students create 2 questions revolving around the topic of Belgium which we have been studying over the past few weeks.  Next, I numbered each student either "one" or "two" and had all of the 'ones' sit in a circle facing outwards.  The 'twos' then chose a partner and sat their chairs facing a number one partner.  With all of the chatter in the room I use a "bell" to initiate a change in partner while the students are participating in the oral activity.  The 'inside' circle students asked their 'outside' circle partner a question in the inversion form about the country of Belgium.  The outside circle students then answered the questions to the best of their abilities.  After each student asked their questions I rang the bell and the outside circle students moved 'one space' to the left.  Their new partner once again asked their 2 questions and the outside circle students answered once again.  Since each student is speaking at the same time, they are getting MUCH practice and with a variety of students.  The inside circle students do not move.  This allows for different partners each time the outside circle students move to the left.  To add variety, after a few 'moves to the left' I have the outside circle students then be the ones to ask the questions and the inside circle students answer the questions. This activity can EASILY go on for 15 minutes!  Great speech practice for everyone! 

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