Monday, October 1, 2012

Café Culturel - learning with a twist!

In order to promote multiculturalism in our French/Spanish subject area my colleagues and I decided to create a "café culturel".  Once a month during the school year we have planned special mini-events in our area to enhance the learning of Spanish and French culture.  During the past week in our classes we told our students that Café Culturel would be starting this week.  Our focus today was to bring students in and promote a relaxed atmosphere while playing French and Spanish café type music in the background.  We stocked up on "chocolat chaud" and provided the kettles to go along with it. Our students came in with their own coffee mugs, French books, and smiles to enjoy our café atmosphere.  Along with the chocolat chaud?  Some French work too.   :)  = Learning with a twist!  

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