Monday, September 17, 2012

Social interaction using the second language!

Wow!  Two weeks into school now and so many names to learn! :)  I'm not sure if it gets easier each year or not but I do know that by being interactive in the classroom certainly helps!  Today I used my teaching resource found on the TpT site called "Trouvez quelqu'un qui..".  It is a combination "classroom bingo" card and a "trouvez quelqu'un activity".  Today I used it as an introductory activity with my students.  Of course, I played along also showing the students that learning each others names is just as an important part of social interaction as using "French" in the classroom.  I first wanted to be sure that everyone was familiar with the vocabulary and so we discussed it first.  The students had to go to another table first so that they are up and out of their seats and interacting with each other. Simple "est-ce que tu..." questions were used and the students willingly asked each other questions.  There really was a buzz of activity and French speaking in the class.  Their goal was to have the entire card of squares with other students names in them, but accidentally I saw another way to play the game. 

Because the card with the boxes says 'bingo' across the top (in order to use it in that fashion at another time), some of the students worked at completing "a line" and then called out bingo.  Wow! Another way to play a game.  The students got to meet new students in the class and I got to reinforce the learning of their names!  Parlons!!

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