Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kim's Game

If you've ever been to Brownies, Guides, Beavers, or Scouts (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts) you will surely have played Kim's Game.  I don't know where this name came from or even if it truly is the correct name but this is what I remember it as from my days in Brownies and Guides.  I now play this game in my classroom when I'm working with classroom objects in French. Throughout the day today I collected classroom objects - ruler, pen, pencil, eraser, stapler, piece of paper, my mini Tour Eiffel, textbook, paperclip,  dictionary and so on.  I have them all ready to go for one of my classes tomorrow.  My students will have a few minutes to review their classroom vocabulary before we begin and I will put the box lid of "goodies" on a desk - covered with a towel at first - in the middle of the classroom.  My students will then close their books, pull out a sheet of paper and a pen and come to view the objects for a time limit of "one minute".  They are not allowed to pick up the items, move them or take notes while looking at the group of items.  They just need to memorize as many of them as possible.  When I cover up the items again they rush back to their desks and frantically write down as many of the items by memory as possible.  The student with the most items correctly listed and (hopefully) correctly spelled will be the winner.  My students love this game!  :) 

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