Friday, September 28, 2012

Keep it real!

Getting creative with your lessons is as important as keeping it "real".  Although students are increasingly knowledgeable about technology and about much of what it has to offer, there is nothing more enjoyable than watching students bond over a good old fashioned "board game"!  While having fun students are gaining much more.  My students here are engaged in social interaction which is a crucial skill to becoming a contributing member in our society, they are reading in a foreign language (French in this case as the board game is indeed a French version), and they are communicating in both French and English while playing the game.  Keep the enjoyment in the game by purchasing board games that are familiar to them.  Although playing board games is not as prevalent in homes today as in the past, it still exists and can be a valuable tool in promoting language learning in your class.  I try to have a board game day every couple of months in the school year.  The students look forward to game day and know that they have a choice of several games.  If you have very large classes and do not necessarily have enough "board games", have students play the games in pairs.  Two heads are better than one when reading the French directions or clues within the game.  :)

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