Saturday, September 1, 2012

Getting Started

Hi everyone!  Well, here we go!  I have recently joined "Teachers Pay Teachers" and have found it to be the most amazing site ever!  There are so many wonderful resources and ideas from teachers around the world that I just couldn't pass up on this wonderful opportunity. After having taught for so many years I consider myself to be a "seasoned" teacher :)  and love to not only stay current in my teaching strategies but also share what I have learned with others.

I want to be the teacher who is not just handing out worksheets to do but someone who enjoys what I do while trying to be as creative as possible whenever possible.  By having 3 children go through the secondary school system, I think it's allowed me to stay current and to better understand what the youth of today finds interesting.  I will not bury my head in the sand and let the time go by. So, with my new groups of students coming into the classroom this coming week I will once again dive in to learn about who they are (not only their names but who they are!!) and to share my love of my French subject area with them.  In turn, we will learn together as technology progresses at a rate that continues to be baffling to many of us.

Enjoy your long weekend!  See you Tuesday! :) 

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